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I Need A Hero

First off, for my fellow geeks, behold...

Courtesy of The Hero Factory, my guy is stomping out education injustice wherever it may be.  Gotta love that they play Bonnie Tyler 'Holding Out For a Hero" while you build your superhero!

Life is good at the moment.  Still a bit jumbled, but good.  There are things going on that I don't fully feel like sharing right now, but soon all will be revealed.  What I can say at the moment is that work is good, and school is great, and I might actually get the hang of this in time.  Winter has not been tough here in Denver, unlike in other parts of the country, and I actually feel kind of bad about that, seeing how I was THAT guy last winter in Michigan.  I have no complaints at the moment, other than I would like extra time to enjoy some of the things that life is putting down in front of me.  We should all be so lucky...
Tags: life, school, work
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