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For What Ails Ya

Let's just cut to the's this week's never sickly, always healthy Friday Random 10!

Spotlight (Moto Blanco Club Mix)/Jennifer Hudson
I'm A Survivor/Reba McEntire
Without You/J. Holiday
Like The Weather/10,000 Maniacs
Get to Know Ya/Maxwell
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger/Daft Punk
Desert Rose (Victor Calderone Remix feat Cheb Mami)/Sting
So Not My Baby/Josh Turner
Simple Things/Amy Grant
Have You Ever Loved Somebody/Freddie Jackson

And with a very active music week up ahead, here's the proper LOLCat to get you prepared...

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Cylon Side

For My BSG Freaks

As reported at

Question: What the frak! Is Battlestar Galactica ever returning? -- Ken
Good news: A Sci Fi source confirms to me exclusively that the last half of season 4 premieres on Friday, January 16, at 10 p.m. Which, by my calculations, puts the series finale (boo-hoo!) at Friday, March 20. Viewing party at Tim Stack's place and you're all invited!

Woo hoooo!

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End of the Day

It's been a long day today, but it's definitely been a good one. I'm a bit wiped out at the moment, so let me give you today's Friday Random 10 before I nod off.

Please Don't Tell Her/Jason Mraz
These Four Walls/Sara Evans
I'm Sorry/Dannii Minogue
Fill Me In/Craig David
I'm A Cowboy (Dance Mix)/Smokin' Armadillos
Over the Rainbow/Shayne Ward
Say It /Ne-Yo
The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)/Barry White, James Ingram, El Debarge
Bent/Matchbox Twenty
This Is Me (Bad Boy Remix feat P. Diddy and Kain)/Dream

Moving on to LOLCats, here's the cat that I've been trying to avoid over the past few weeks.
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Fighter H8

Friday I'm In Love

The weather here in Denver has been amazing the past few days. Highs in the upper 70s, and plenty of sun to go around. What's not to love! And then, when you've got great music, it's even better. Check out this week's Friday Random 10:

Not Your Enemy/Jesse McCartney
Rainbow Connection/Jason Mraz
Three Hits/Indigo Girls
The Boss/Chris Richardson
Bleed to Love Her/Lindsey Buckingham
Good to Go/Jason Aldean
Home/Marc Broussard
Whatever U Want (feat Joe Budden)/Christina Milian
Gotta Getcha/Jermaine Dupri
Who Do I Turn To/Chanté Moore

And for all of my Colorado peeps, this week's LOLCat is PURRFECT!
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Satchell Ubergroovy

Random Notes - 10/2/08

Quick update...I'm in Estes Park, CO for day two of hiking and relaxing.  The weather has been beyond amazing, so I'm trying to take advantage as much as possible.  The interview that I was supposed to have tonight was canceled, so I will just keep plugging away.  In the meantime, here's the latest entry over on Pop Music Notes.  I'll have pictures for all of you when I get back to Denver, but here's one to get you started: